Thursday, December 14, 2006

Google Reader security

Since I was bored I decided to test the Google Reader security (I like to make sure that the websites I use are at least moderately secure). Also, since this is a community application (via the shared feeds) a XSS exploit could spread quite easily (like the MySpace worm).

But Google has actually implemented a decent security scheme. As far as i can see they actually parse the html (and xhtml) generate new html from the parse tree. They also prevent the hack which i thought of recently by stripping CDATA sections and replacing them by their html-encoded content.

I also tried injecting into the style property, but they actually seem to parse the css as well. At least to me this approach seems pretty solid. That is, it is the approach I always advise to people. Parse everything, make a (xml) tree, and use a whitelisting filter (for example XSLT) to select the allowed properties). The hard part is to parse the domain languages (javascript, css) and they seem to handle that properly as well. Good to see a webapp/website that actually thought about their security :) (though I must admit it is a bit disappointing to search for exploits for some time and find none ;) ).

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